SnowSchool Experiences

Strap on a pair of snowshoes to transform your classroom into a novel educational opportunity!   SOLE has partnered with the Winter Wildlands Alliance to bring their SnowSchool program to North Idaho, Eastern Washington, and Western Montana! During this intentional place-based experiential education program allows 4th – 12th grade students to explore our winter landscape on snowshoes to make sound academic connections related to snow-science and winter ecology.


The onset of winter each year brings a unique opportunity for youth to be immersed in a unique natural learning environment, through our SnowSchool Experience SM program.  SOLE administrators work with educators and youth leaders to address specific learning objectives to ensure that their program reaches beyond the norm.  Simply put, our SnowSchool Experience SM programming is not your average, run-of-the-mill outdoor education program, it’s grounded on evidence-based methods and a rich place-based experiential education curriculum.  This foundation fosters an opportunity to create meaningful connections for learners resulting in a relevant educational experience for youth and educators alike.

If you are a school we strongly recommend that you also register for an on-campus “pre” and “post” facilitated by SOLE Field Instructors.  This will ensure that your students are prepared and equipped for their SnowSchool Experience SM and lesson objectives are fully met.   In addition, if you work with a younger population our SnowSchool Experience SM program can be custom-tailored for your campus or at one of our field campuses.  In short, educators and youth group leaders can rely on our stand-alone SnowSchool Experience SM curriculum or work with our team to align programming to target specific learning objectives, including alignment to Common Core, State, National, and Next Generation Science Standards.  This, in turn, ensures that our curriculum meets the rigors necessary for 21st Century learners – and does so in an exciting and purposeful manner!

Traditional Public, Private, and Home School Programs
Days: Monday – Friday (although can accommodate if needed)
Dates: December 15th – May 1st, 2015-16 (weather depending)
Times: 9 AM – 1 PM
Location(s): We facilitate our SnowSchool Experience SM programming for school and youth groups at your school and/or the following locations:

  • Schweitzer Mountain Resort | Sandpoint, Idaho
  • Lookout Pass  | Mullan, Idaho
  • Mt. Spokane | Mead, WA
  • Flatiron Mountain | Libby, MT

Grades: 2nd – 12th (although can also custom tailor)
Cost:  Below is a pricing list based on location and program type:

  • On-Campus Per 1/2 Day (up to 3 hours) – SOLE Member $5.00; Non-Member $10.00. 8 participant minimum.  Discounts given for larger groups.
  • Off-Campus Per 1/2 Day (up to 3 hours) – SOLE Member $10.00; Non-Member $15.00.  4 participant minimum.  Discounts given for larger groups.
  • Off-Campus Per Day (up to 6 hours) – SOLE Member $18.00; Non-Member $23.00.  4 participant minimum.  Discounts given for larger groups.

Partial and FULL scholarships also available! Based on eligibility and available grant funding.  Contact us for details!

Weekend’s SnowSchool Sampler

Dates: TBA
Times: 9 – 12 AM
Location: TBA
Ages: 8 – 10 + y/o
Cost: $FREE – SOLE Member | FREE – $10 Non-Member

Examples of Program Themes | Lessons:

  • Snow Science
  • Winter Ecology
  • Mammal Tracking
  • Outdoor Living & Travel Skills
  • Avalanche Awareness


Typically, most educators request a pre and post lesson from SOLE to cement lesson objectives and learning targets, including those concepts taught “in the field” .   By providing clients our individualized and novel approach to program design and facilitation, student outcomes include accelerated academic comprehension, as well as, learning opportunities / activities well beyond the norm.  That is what you can expect from a SOLE Experience SM. With supporting a positive learning expedition mindset participants work in concert to support over arching goals and learning objectives, grounded on the SOLE 4 Care Philosophy SM.  This allows our days to be filled with fun and adventure!

Sample Daily Schedule For “In the Field”:

8:45 AM – Check-In with SOLE faculty upon arrival
9:00 AM – Orientation
9:15 AM – Warm-up game
9:45 AM – Theme-based experiential lesson(s)
11:45 AM – Lunch
12:30 PM – Theme-based experiential lesson(s)
1:15 AM – Wrap-up & share
1:30 PM – Depart SOLE SnowSchool Experience SM site

Please Note: All times are approximate and subject to change depending on your needs.

Where to Meet:

Our drop-off location will be based on specific course location.  This will also be the designated pick-up location.  Due to elements out of our control changes may be made if necessary.  You will be notified if this occurs at our earliest opportunity.

Check out all of our upcoming course offerings here or contact us to design your own!