SOLE is fortunate to have a team of individuals who possess significant professional experience in the fields of experiential education, outdoor education, traditional academia, special education, and counseling.  Our innovative approach to these fields doesn’t only include program design, it also involves how we facilitate each SOLE Experience SM.   We believe in providing a first rate experience for our stakeholders.  To do so, in addition to having the necessary formal education and training, we need to have to have an accurate assessment of the needs of our organization to include our personnel and those we serve. Therefore, those that drive and support SOLE’s mission volunteer countless hours and serve as consultants, board members, administrators, and Field Instructors to obtain an accurate pulse and support all the SOLE Experiences SM we offer.

Dennison Webb, MA | Founder | Executive Director

Dennison is the Founder and Executive Director of Selkirk Outdoor Leadership & Education (SOLE).  As a practitioner and researcher in the fields of experiential and outdoor education for the past 30 years, he brings significant program development, administration, and instruction experience to SOLE.  Allowing those under his guidance to meet the needs of the diverse populations that SOLE serves.

To accomplish challenges and opportunities such as these, Dennison integrates professional education and real-world experience grounded on evidence-based practices to design and facilitate intentional experiential programming, while assisting others to do the same. His administrative and teaching experience has included both secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, as well as, corporate agencies.  The institutions have included Texas A&M University, Challenge Works, University of Northern Colorado, National Outdoor Leadership School, Second Nature Wilderness Program, as well as, private and residential boarding schools. Being employed at each program has served to strengthen Dennison’s facilitation abilities through the direct application of field-related methodologies while supporting the continued expansion of methods that SOLE utilizes today.

Specific strengths include his ability to create dynamic experiential programming which transitions well beyond the classroom walls by integrating multiple disciplines, theories, and philosophies. Students consistently comment on how his teaching is dynamic, passionate, and creative. Additionally, Dennison is well versed in program assessment and development, including addressing risk management, curriculum, faculty, and student-related needs.

SOLE benefits from his expertise in these previously mentioned areas, as has Dennison, because he believes his glass is always half full!  Dennison’s personal pursuits mesh well with his chosen field, so when he is not driving the SOLE vision you can find him pursuing academic research, in the backcountry of North Idaho or floating down a desert river corridor.


MA, Outdoor Education
BS, Outdoor Recreation; Art (Minor)
Wilderness First Responder
Health Care Provider CPR
American Canoe Association | Whitewater Canoe Instructor | Solo & Tandem
American Canoe Association | Whitewater Kayak Instructor
American Avalanche Association | Avalanche Education Course | Level 1
Leave No Trace Master Educator
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (CPI)
Certified Idaho Master Water Steward

Joy Jansen, PhD | Education Advisor

joyandhunterDr. Jansen comes to SOLE with an extensive background in working with adolescents and adults with neuropsychological dysfunctions.  As SOLE’s Education Advisor, Dr. Jansen provides professional consultation regarding program development, facilitation, and assessment to ensure that SOLE meets the individualized education needs of each participant.  In addition to actual program consultation and development this also includes providing Special Education professional development opportunities for our team to ensure that we continue to provide our participants with exceptional programming opportunities supported by evidence-based best practices and methodologies.   Dr.  Jansen continues to be instrumental in the development and execution of our licensed adventure therapy program – Journey Experience SM program, and our Experiential Learning Center – SOLE Academy SM.  In both instances Dr. Jansen has helped to develop curriculum and supporting programming which addresses and develops executive functioning and other life skills in our participants.

Dr. Jansen obtained her PhD in Education with a cognate in neuropsychological deficiencies from the University of Idaho and holds a M.Ed. in Special Education with an emphasis in learning disabilities and transition from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  In addition to volunteering her time at SOLE, Dr. Jansen serves at the Director of Special Education for Lake Pend Oreille School District and serves on several boards and committees, including Kaniksu Health Services.  Prior to these positions, Dr. Jansen created and directed a Learning Center for two therapeutic boarding schools – Boulder Creek and Northwest Academy.  There she cooridnated and facilitated Special Services for the students and provided professional development opportunities for their faculty and staff.  Dr. Jansen also previously served as the Director of Special Education for the Paradigm Charter High School in Salt Lake City, Utah. There she developed, managed and coordinated Special Education and transition services for students; was the primary contact for parents and outside professionals relating to the academic, emotional and behavioral needs of students receiving special education services; provided training and consultation to school staff, teachers and parents; assisted students in creating, as well as, implementing structured strategies to promote and attain both academic and personal success.  In addition, Dr. Jansen was appointed as Charter School Representative for the Utah State Special Education Advisory Panel.

Dr. Jansen began her professional career as a Special Educator in the North Carolina public school system.  Following this tenure she was employed as an educational researcher for the Center of Prevention of School Violence.  Dr. Jansen has also worked on the post-secondary level.  She held the position of learning specialist in the office of Learning Disability Services at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and University of Idaho continuing to serve those in need.  Dr. Jansen also served as a Special Education Instructor at the University of Idaho where she instructed pre-service teachers on various Special Education issues.

Understanding the importance of collaboration across fields, Dr. Jansen spent two years under the mentorship and guidance of Dr. Sam Goldstein conducting neuropsychological assessments and providing counsel for individuals of all ages.  Through this experience she was able to provide guidance to both academic professionals and parents in understanding a child’s academic and behavioral struggles, as well as, create and implement individualized plans which met the need of each student.  

To support her professional development, Dr. Jansen has spoken at local, state, and national conferences, as well as, has published works on various educational topics including ADHD and learning disabilities.  Currently, Dr. Jansen is the managing editor for the Encyclopedia of Child Behavior and Development to be published in 2012.

During her time off Dr. Jansen can be found enjoying the backcountry of North Idaho or traveling to a novel setting with her immediate and extended family.  


PhD, Education
MA, Special Education
First Aid 
Adult & Child CPR

Jamie Esler, MS | Program Coordinator | Field Instructor


Fall, Winter, Spring 2012 048Over the course of the last nine years Jamie has strived to become an effective and inspirational educator.  Jamie received his Bachelor’s of Science in Geology and Earth/Space Science Education and is a licensed educator in the State of Idaho.  He continues to serve as an educator at Lake City High School in North Idaho, and was recently recognized as the 2014 Idaho State Teacher of the Year.  In recognition of his diligence and professionalism, Jamie has served as a Teacher Fellow with the University of Idaho Intermountain Climate Education Network (ICE-Net), and currently serves as an Extension Lecturer for the University of Washington Program on Climate Change and “UW in the High School” program.  SOLE provides educators like Jamie an excellent opportunity to connect students from all across the Inland Northwest with the most powerful place for learning – our natural world.  As a board member and advisor Jamie will be assisting in the development and implementation of our Fieldwork Experience programming. When Jamie’s not developing curriculum or grading papers, Jamie can be found in his kayak, knee-deep in a telemark turn, or hiking with his family.  SOLE is fortunate to have an educator like Jamie – one who is innovative, dynamic, and driven.  When participants experience Jamie during a SOLE Experience they are challenged and equally rewarded.


BS, Geology and Earth/Space Science Education
Idaho Standard Secondary:  Earth Science 6-12
Idaho Standard Secondary:  Natural Science 6-12
Extension Lecturer:  University of Washington Program on Climate Change 
Wilderness First Aid
Adult & Child CPR
American Avalanche Association | Avalanche Education | Level 1
Certified Idaho Master Water Steward

Timothy Kerrigan | Field Instructor

A Pacific Northwest native, Tim grew up outside of Redmond, Washington, hiking, camping, fishing, and S.C.U.B.A. diving.  After high school he moved inland and got his associates degree from Wenatchee Valley College.  While in Wenatchee he “majored” in mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, and hacky sack.  Afterwards, Tim moved to Fairhaven, Washington, and transferred to Western Washington University while he continued to explore the Pacific Northwest and his studies.  Eventually, his travels took him to Missoula, Montana where he earned a B.A. in Geology, with an emphasis in Earth Science Education while attending the University of Montana. Studying geology in Montana allowed him to explore some of the most amazing parts of the Rocky Mountains and further fueled his passion for the outdoors. 

After graduating Tim spent the next couple of years working as a Naturalist & Program Coordinator for a small Alaska sightseeing company based out of Seattle. He lived and worked on sightseeing/whale watching boats, cruising the waters from the southern reaches of Puget Sound up the Inside Passage and into southeastern Alaska.  There, Tim was able to spend his days sharing his passion for the amazing natural history of this section of Alaska, like Glacier Bay’s rocks and glaciers.

After spending a winter on a  journey looking for rocks and Anasazi ruins in the Southwest, Tim took a “left turn” at Albuquerque and found himself in Portland, Oregon where he discovered a new passion for the craft of oenology.  This eventually led him to Walla Walla, Washington, where he worked as an oenologist for almost 20 years. It is here where he met his wife Shannon, a north Idaho native.  After just one visit to Sandpoint, Tim, Shannon, and their daughter Amanda decided to move back to the northern Rocky Mountains in 2018 where he started to work in the public school system.  

Tim spent two years working in the BEACON classroom at Farmin Stidwell Elementary School, helping students with various emotional and behavioral challenges prepare themselves to return to the general education setting.  Tim also spent two years working as a group leader for the 21st Century Community Learning Center’s After School program.  As a group leader for the after school program he provided academic enrichment and led STEM activities for students in 1st-6th grades.  During this time he also worked as a group leader for 21st Century Community Learning Center’s STEM Summer Camp.  It was here that Tim ignited a new passion for teaching and working with elementary age kids outside the classroom.

Currently, when not serving as a Lead Field Instructor for SOLE’s Junior Naturalist Experience program, Tim works in the Experiential Learning Program at Farmin Stidwell Elementary School.   His life experience and education have made him a perfect fit for both roles where he is able to teach local area youth about their wildlands and waterways from the mountains to the lake!


Earth Science, BA
First Aid
Adult & Child CPR

Joe Farrell | Field Instructor

As a Spokane Valley native, Joe was raised with a love and respect for the outdoors.  His home was adjacent to the Dishman Hills providing almost daily hiking for miles.  Eleven years in Boy Scouts climbing, hiking, boating, and camping played a large part in shaping him as a person and outdoor educator. He attained the rank of Eagle Scout in 2016 at 16 years old.  He mentored younger scouts for the final two years of his scouting career.  Joe is currently finishing his Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation Leadership at Eastern Washington University and is set to graduate at the end of Summer 2022.  While attending EWU Joe worked in the University’s recreation center at the Rock Wall as a gear maintenance specialist and a rock climbing instructor.  He was also an instructor for top rope and lead climbing, and educated climbers in gear maintenance and upkeep standards.  He is finishing his degree with a summer internship at SOLE where he has been assisting with various logistical, administrative, and programming needs related to our Junior Naturalist Experience and LEAD Experience programs.  Since joining SOLE, Joe has advanced to becoming a fully-fledged Field Instructor, and we look forward to what the future holds for him at SOLE.  In addition to outdoor education, Joe loves to cook and also has hobbies related to computer and iPhone repair, collecting historical objects and World War II paraphernalia, marksmanship, and was an avid high-school Lacrosse goalie.


Outdoor Recreation Leadership, BS (to be completed August 2022)
Swift Water Rescue Technician – 1
Leave No Trace Trainer
Adult & Child First Aid
Adult & Child CPR
Eagle Scout

Kip Rand, BS | Program Coordinator | Field Instructor (1986 -2016)

SCSBorn and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kip Rand spent his formative years in Boise, Idaho. He attended college at the University of Montana in Missoula, where he received a first-rate education in backcountry skiing, rock climbing, and whitewater kayaking.  Sometime while honing his backcountry craft, Kip actually found the time to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in History and Resource Conservation. Kip spent many of his post-college years pursuing the hydrologic cycle, guiding whitewater rafting in the summer and backcountry ski trips in the winter. He lived in Joseph, Oregon, where he was the Director of the Wallowa Avalanche Center.  Kip completed his Level 3 Avalanche certificate, was a qualified AIARE Level 1 and Level 2 avalanche course instructor, and was WFR-CPR certified.   Kip assisted SOLE in all facets of our avalanche education programs to include the development, coordination, and facilitation of those specific course-types. We were fortunate to have his depth of knowledge and experience on course during the winter months.  Tragegically, Kip was killed in an avalanche when exploring the very winter wildlands that he loved – the Wallowas.  We are deeply saddened by the loss and are sincerely grateful to all that heart and that Kip put into getting our AIARE avalanche education program off the ground, as well as, the inspiration, passion, and knowledge he passed on to our students.  Rest in Peace Kip.


BS, History and Resource Conservation
Wilderness First Responder
Adult & Child CPR
AIARE Avalanche Education – Level 1
AIARE Avalanche Education – Level 2
AIARE Avalanche Education – Level 3
AIARE Avalanche Education – Level 1 ITC
AIARE Avalanche Education – Level 2 ITC