Transform your classroom setting into a novel hands-on, boots on the ground, natural learning environment! During our Stewardship Experiences SM youth in grades 4-12 are able to develop a sense of belonging while learning about the natural systems which exist in their local environs through through our intentional place-based experiential education curricula and collaborative project-based learning opportunities. Whichever format you choose these SOLE Experiences SM allow learners to develop an affinity for our natural world through experiencing an educational setting where they can truly explore > achieve > lead.


IMG_5381To achieve specific learning goals and objectives, related to our Stewardship Experience SM program, we utilize evidence-based best practices and collaborate with land management agencies, conservation organizations, universities, and government agencies where the programs occur  This purposeful design allows SOLE to facilitate novel place-based experiential education, including project-based learning programming opportunities in local outdoor settings for educators and youth leaders.  Because of their design and proximity, these programs yield positive results and outcomes for all learners.

In addition to SOLE’s place-based experiential education curricula educators (and those they serve) may experience SOLE’s LEAD SM or Leave No Trace curriculum.  Why? Because intentional immersion in a natural learning environment allows youth to develop a sincere sense of belonging and accountability.  Coupled with SOLE’s 4 Cares SM,  (at the core of all SOLE Experiences SM) educators and their students receive a positive and engaging experiential education program allowing them to address academic and non-traditional learning objectives.

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Public, Private, and/or Home School Programs:

Dates: April – October.  Specific days and times available upon registration!
Times: 9:00 – 1:30 PM
Location: Sandpoint, ID | Clark Fork, ID | Coeur D’Alene, ID | Libby, MT | Trout Creek, MT
Ages: 4th-12th Grade.  Can be custom-tailored for those younger!
Cost: See below.  Facilitated “on campus” pre & post-lessons strongly recommended.

  • On-Campus Per 1/2 Day (up to 3 hours) – SOLE Member $7.00; Non-Member $9.00. 15 participant minimum.  Discounts given for larger groups.
  • Off-Campus Per 1/2 Day (up to 3 hours) – SOLE Member $10.00; Non-Member $12.00.  15 participant minimum.  Discounts given for larger groups
  • Off-Campus Per Day (up to 6 hours) – SOLE Member $19.50; Non-Member $21.50.  8 participant minimum.  Discounts given for larger groups.

Please note:  Costs shown include access to SOLE gear, professional liability insurance, licensed and credential instructors and additional needs. Incidentals will be billed according SOLE’s Fee Schedule.

Partial and FULL scholarships also available! Based on eligibility and available grant funding.  Contact us for details!

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As mentioned, to ensure that specific learning targets and individualized needs are met, SOLE administrators work directly with educators to custom-tailor each experience.  Because our Stewardship Experience SM curriculum can be aligned to Common Core, State, National, and Next Generation Science Standards and supported by evidence-based best practices educators can ensure that curriculum meets the rigors necessary for 21st Century learners – and do so in an exciting and purposeful manner!

The following programs and/or curriculum may be highlighted:


Typically, most educators request a pre and post lesson from SOLE to cement lesson objectives and learning targets, including those concepts taught “in the field” .   By providing clients our individualized and novel approach to program design and facilitation, student outcomes include accelerated academic comprehension, as well as, learning opportunities / activities well beyond the norm.  That is what you can expect from a SOLE Experience SM. With supporting a positive learning expedition mindset participants work in concert to support over arching goals and learning objectives, grounded on the SOLE 4 Care Philosophy SM.  This allows our days to be filled with fun and adventure!

Sample Daily Schedule – “In the Field”:

8:45 AM – Check-In with SOLE faculty upon arrival
9:00 AM – Orientation
9:15 AM – Warm-up game
9:45 AM – Theme-based experiential lesson(s)
11:45 AM – Lunch
12:30 PM – Theme-based experiential lesson(s)
1:15 AM – Wrap-up & share
1:30 PM – Depart SOLE SnowSchool Experience SM site

Please Note: All times are approximate and subject to change depending on your needs.

Where To Meet:

Our drop-off location will be based on specific course location.  This will also be the designated pick-up location.  Due to elements out of our control changes may be made if necessary.  You will be notified if this occurs at our earliest opportunity

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