Transform into a resilient and self-reliant leader!  To do so, we have to navigate the journey of life – full of twisting and challenging routes, low valleys and high majestic alpine peaks.  Therefore, it is critical to be well equipped to navigate these formable challenges which begins with personal self exploration.  SOLE’s licensed adventure therapy program, SOLE Journey Experiences SM , provides such an opportunity – to develop essential skills while participating in intentional, novel, and empowering exploratory expeditions which address personal development needs. Afterwards, adolescent and adult participants are able to transfer what they learned to further integrate this growth-oriented development, fostering opportunities to sustain the work accomplished during their Journey Experience SM. Whether you are in search of a rites of passage, a thorough psychoeducational experience, or a life paradigm shift – SOLE Journey Experiences SM provide the spark and combustion to truly explore, achieve, and lead!

“I think it’s the best thing he has ever done for his character building and soul enhancement.”  

~ Laurie D., SOLE Journey Experience SM Parent


As a licensed outdoor therapeutic program SOLE Journey Experiences SM provide individuals, parents, clinicians, education consultants, school administrators, schools, and/or programs an intentional and affordable option to other outdoor behavioral healthcare and/or clinically-based wilderness programs.

SOLE prides itself on designing and facilitating Journey Experiences SM which are grounded on evidence-based best practices and methods that often exceed industry standards.  This program is extremely effective and ideal for those interested in an individualized short-term intervention or outdoor behavioral healthcare program that:

  • Identifies and reinforces positive behaviors and outcomes
  • Extinguishes negative behavior
  • Provides an intentional sound short-term placement
  • Provides parents and professionals a preventative alternative before a long-term placement (7 weeks – 18 months)
  • Addresses neuropsychological deficiencies
  • Addresses maladaptive behaviors

Participant Profile:

Typical profile participants include adolescents / adults 14-25+ y/o who:

  • Exhibit difficulty processing a significant loss or traumatic event
  • Exhibit mood dysregulation (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  • Exhibit resistance, anger, defiance and/or oppositional behavior
  • Exhibit self-esteem issues
  • Exhibit a lack of self-confidence in social situations
  • Exhibit unhealthy behaviors/coping tools when dealing with adversity and/or to get “needs” met (i.e., isolation, lying, intimidation, justification, etc.)
  • Exhibit addictive thinking
  • Exhibit negative self-talk
  • Exhibit self-defeating behavior
  • Exhibit executive functioning deficits or learning differences which contribute to poor academic performance
  • Exhibit unhealthy family relationships
  • Exhibit poor peer relations

Goals & Objectives:

Typical goals and objectives addressed during expeditions relate to:

  • Leadership Development
  • Character Development
  • Executive Functions
  • Critical-thinking & Problem-Solving
  • Resilience & Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Setting & Accomplishing Goals
  • Awareness & Ownership
  • Responsibility & Accountability

Our typical profile students are also generally higher functioning, and have the ability and desire to change, process, and connect through an expedition-based experiential learning framework.  Often the display individual creativity and intellect, and the ability to explore their role and responsibilities as an individual and as a member of a community while exploring concepts and skills related to leadership.

Because of our program design (expedition-based outdoor leadership model), we do not currently enroll individuals with severe clinical needs, including but certainly not limited too, current episodes of self-harm, suicide ideation, abuse of narcotics which requires detox, personality disorders, psychosis or other severe clinical needs.

Program Settings:

SOLE offers (3) distinct Journey Experience SM programs.  While each program possesses a similar program foundation and framework each offers their own unique opportunites.  Each program bases out of the beautiful mountains and watersheds of the Cabinet Mountains of Montana, however, can also be custom-tailored to location and duration for schools, programs, indidviduals and families in need!  Whatever your interests and needs please let us know how we can support you today!   While we utilize backcountry settings as our primary learning environment for this program we do offer hybrid options when designing SOLE Journey Experiences SM based on an individualized needs or specific interests.


  • Typically facilitated utilizing a adventure-based backcountry format and design.
  • May or not be in crisis, however, could benefit from mentoring and support.
  • Focus on character development, leadership development, and technical outdoor skills.
  • Great for those that could benefit from an individualized program design (1:1 or 2:1).
  • Great for those that could benefit from less stimuli.
  • Great for residental programs that are looking for a “reboot” for their students.
  • Great for those that have not been to a traditional wilderness program and/or those that could benefit from living and traveling in a remote backcountry setting.


  • Facilitated utilizing a expedition format and design (e.g., peer-based and outdoor leadership).
  • May or not be in crisis, however, could benefit from mentoring and support.
  • Focus on character development, leadership development, and technical outdoor skills.
  • Great for those that could benefit from a group-oriented program design (2:4 +).
  • Great for those that have not been to a traditional wilderness program and/or those that could benefit from living and traveling in a remote backcountry setting.


  • Facilitated utilizing both backcountry and urban settings, and can be tailored to specific location (e.g., boarding schools in specific locations with land).
  • Focus on character development, leadership development, and often academic achievement.
  • Recommended for those that could benefit from continued support and/or re-direction but are relatively stable.
  • Often used in conjunction with our Solo Journey Experience SM program; as a stand-alone interim-care placement; or as an extension as individuals transition to their next placement.

Program Philosophy & Methods:

SOLE Journey Experiences SM are unique and successful because our program utilizes evidence-based philosophies and methods grounded on our organization’s novel experiential education curricula.  Upon enrollment our multi-disciplinary team works with clients and their families to individualize their SOLE Journey Experience SM based on specific needs by utilizing SOLE’s Hand of Support SM program design process.

Our intentional program design is effectively executed through our 4 Care Philosophy SMIntegrative Method SM, and Journey Experience SM experiential education curricula centered on the Eight Pillars of Executive Control (Cox, 2007).  We further underpin all programming by facilitating and processing through a productive v/s punitive approach. Additionally, we utilize socratic and other experiential education methodologies to deliver Journey Experience SM curricula. These mindful and thought provoking approaches culminate producing significant positive outcomes including, increasing learning comprehension and generalization to future settings.  These evidence-based approaches allow SOLE Field Instructors to establish and maintain an open and positive learning environment for participants, fostering a “brain-friendly” approach to address individualized clinical needs (if appropriate) and develop personal character and leadership through our unique executive functioning framework.  

Taking safety and risk management needs into consideration is a NUMBER 1 priority for our organization!  SOLE utilizes a multi-disciplinary team to design and facilitate each Journey Experience SM which includes highly trained, seasoned, licensed and credentialed administrators, clinicians, and Field Instructors who possess over 30 years in the fields of experiential education, special education, adventure-based education, adventure therapy, and outdoor leadership for the leading residential and wilderness therapy programs in the nation.  These individuals have served as administrators and frontline staff for some of the leading organizations and institution in the nation.  Learn more about our team here.

Furthermore, to ensure that we meet or exceed the standard of care in the industry our program adheres to an extensive Risk Management Plan (RMP) which is based on current evidence-based practices and methods. Additionally, our staff regularly attend and present at professional conferences to further expand and remain current. Development is also further supported through our quarterly in-service trainings and certification workshops for Field Instructors.  It is also important to note, our organization possesses professional liability insurance and licensure as an outdoor therapeutic program in the State of Montana.

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Are you looking for a novel and intentional individualized approach to adventure therapy that yields transformational outcomes?  SOLE’s Solo Journey Experience SM program provides this and more!  Whether you are in search of an experience that can serve as a Rites of Passage, areboot’ after the shine of their wilderness experience has worn off, or simply just want to be preventative before crisis ensues, SOLE’s Solo Journey Experience SM program fosters the nurturing and challenging environment to address these, and other needs, through an individualized and custom-tailored approach to adventure therapy program. Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) centered on addressing the actual needs which are present.  Because programming is developed and facilitated in an individualized fashion learning and development is maximized promoting the opportunity for transformational results to occur, which can be transferred and generalized into other settings.  In addition, distractions are minimized, which are often present in a group settings. This learning environment allows program participants to focus inward, then outward during their time at SOLE.  Lastly, our Solo Journey Experiences SM are unique in design in that they allow for customization and individualization in program design allowing for the ability to experience outdoor pursuits or other activities that are not normally experienced in our Expedition Journey Experience SM program (i.e., kayaking, rafting, skiing, art classes, yoga classes, etc.).  In short, if you are looking for an individualized and growth-oriented approach to adventure therapy for you client or child, this is the one for you!

The following is specific to these SOLE Journey Experiences SM:

  • Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) developed by our multidisciplinary team supported by expeditionary, urban, or hybrid format
  • Ideal for those that would benefit from a 2 : 1 wilderness intervention, wilderness ‘reboot’, or interim-care experience (e.g., 2 instructors : 1 participant)
  • An intentional and custom-tailored program which is supported by evidence-based best practices and methods
  • Can be modified to include novel outdoor pursuits and adventure-based education opportunities
  • Family Transition Experience SM (strongly recommended for all Solo Journey Experiences SM, but optional)
  • Solo Experience SM (strongly recommended for backcountry-based Solo Journey Experiences SM, but optional)


Character and leadership development IMG_2454becomes natural when living and traveling as a member of an expedition.  These SOLE Journey Experiences SM provide the opportunity for individuals to focus on setting and achieving personal goals, while supporting those of an actual backcountry expedition.  This dynamic nature coupled with the inherent value of  the backcountry environment provides the foundation for personal and group development, while it is underpinned with our Journey Experience SM curriculum. Coupled with an Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP), a Positive Peer Culture (PPC) provides ample opportunity to create accountability and additional insight for program participants.  Additionally, expeditions are thematic providing the opportunity to funnel curriculum even further to address participant goals and objectives. Please note, SOLE often designs specific Journey Experiences SM for therapeutic schools, boarding schools and/or programs that are interested in an adventure therapy expedition-based program for their clientele each year, so if you don’t see what you need or are interested in your own SOLE Journey Experience SM contact us today!

The following is specific to these SOLE Journey Experiences SM:

  • Theme-based design to funnel programming towards specific treatment needs
  • Individualized Treatment Plan (ITP) supported by expeditionary format
  • For individuals who could benefit from peer-based (2:2 +) environment
  • Includes a significant expedition goal (“peak experience”)
  • May include a “solo” experience
  • Ideal for developing personal and group leadership skills

Expedition Journey Experiences SM (6:1 ratio max):

8-day Expeditions

  • July 19th – 26th | Male-Specific (Limited to 6 participants)
  • July 27th – August 3rd | Male-Specific (Limited to 6 participants)
  • TBA 2018 | Female-Specific (Limited to 6 participants)

16-day Expeditions


  • July 19th – August 3rd, 2018 | Male-Specific (Limited to 6 participants)
  • September 2018 coming soon.  TBA (Limited to 6 participants)

21-day Expedition 


  • July 19th-August 8th, 2018 | Male-Specific (Limited to 6 participants)
  • September 2018 coming soon.  TBA (Limited to 6 participants)

Location(s): Cabinets and Bitterroot Mountains
14 – 18 y/o

Credits Available: Yes. (2) Credits total.  (1) Credit of Outdoor Leadership & (1) Credit of Outdoor Education | Physical Education Available.  Additional expenses apply.

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Solo Journey Experiences SM (2:1 ratio max):

Montana Backpacking Solo Journey Experience SM
Dates: June – October | Open Enrollment
Location: Cabinet or Bitterroot Mountains, Montana
Ages: 14 – 35 + y/o

Credits Available: Yes. (2) Credits total.  (1) Credit of Outdoor Leadership & (1) Credit of Outdoor Education | Physical Education Available.  Additional expenses apply.

Montana Canoe Solo Journey Experiences SM
Dates: June – October | Open Enrollment
Location: Missouri River, Western Montana
Ages: 14 – 35 y/o

Credits Available: Yes. (2) Credits total.  (1) Credit of Outdoor Leadership & (1) Credit of Outdoor Education | Physical Education Available.  Additional expenses apply.


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Academic Coursework & Credits:

Our Education Team set goals and objectives and learning targets for all courses, based on course area and participant needs.  It is our tailored interdisciplinary curricula and expedition-based format which truly serve as the catalyst for change.

Curricula offered during courses includes that which relates to leadership and character development, environmental awareness and stewardship, human and natural history, outdoor living and travel skills, and other traditional and non-traditional subjects.Because we realize the academic needs which often add to the already immense challenges which individuals and families face, we offer fully accredited coursework through our AdvancEd accredited partner.

While most Journey Experiences SM are eligible for 2 – 4 FULL academic credits, additional opportunities are available based on your individual needs and coursework completed before, during, and after the field.  A Journey Experience SM program an excellent option for those in need of academic credit recovery.  Contact Us for more info and to see how we can assist you today!

Examples of Themes | Lessons:

By providing clients our individualized and novel approach to program design and facilitation, student outcomes include accelerated academic comprehension, as well as, learning opportunities / activities well beyond the norm.  SOLE strives to provide differentiated instruction in the field to ensure that learning comprehension is maximized, which is what our clients expect from any SOLE Experience SM. With a positive mindset, participants work in concert with Field Instructors, facilitators, and support staff to support over arching personal and group goals and learning objectives.  All of this is grounded on SOLE’s 4 Cares SM which fosters the opportunity for our days to be filled with fun and adventure both on and off trail.  

If interested in academic recovery, please note, Journey Experience SM coursework may require pre and post coursework from SOLE Academy SM to cement lesson objectives and learning targets, including those concepts taught “in the field” .  This also ensures that students meet academic standards and course expectations.

Program curriculum delivered in the field is thematic in nature and supporting lessons are tailored to the season and environment that students are living and traveling within. Specific credits offered are dependent upon program design, duration, and other related needs. Please feel free to request more information during your registration and/or consultation.  The follow curricula is offered in our Journey Experience SM program.

  • Executive Functioning
  • Study Skills
  • Social and Emotional Learning
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Technical Outdoor Skill Development
  • Leave No Trace Outdoor Skills & Ethics
  • Wilderness Medicine
  • Outdoor Living & Travel Skills
  • Mountain Ecology
  • Forest Ecology
  • Desert Ecology
  • Winter Ecology
  • Snow Science
  • Avalanche Education
  • Mammal Tracking
  • Human History


Program days and times and other logistical needs are specific to each course and time of year.  These details will be listed in your course paperwork.

Program Schedule:

Day 1 – Meet and load vehicle/trailer; drive to site location
Day 2 – Day 13 – Expedition living and travel; experiential education lessons
Day 14  Load vehicle/trailer; drive to drop-off location.

Daily Schedule:

8:00-9:30 AM – Breakfast and break camp
9:30-10:00 AM – Morning briefing with Leader of the Day (LOD) team; GAP Experience SM curriculum lesson(s).
10:15 AM – Morning experiential application; adventure-based activities
12:00 PM – Lunch
12:30 PM – Journey Experience SM curriculum lesson(s); afternoon experiential application; adventure-based activities
3:30 PM – Arrive and set-up camp
4:00 PM – Personal time
5:00 PM – Dinner
6:00 PM – Debrief with LOD team

 *All times are approximate and subject to change

Where To Meet:

Meeting place will be based on specific course location, so please reference your student paperwork. This will also be our drop off site.  Changes may be made accordingly.

Fee Schedule:

Below you will find the Fee Schedule for our SOLE Journey Experience SM program for the current fiscal year. Please reference the specific program for the appropriate fees.  All ratios are listed by the number of facilitators to amount of program participants. Have further questions?  No problem!  Feel free to contact us directly for any additional information at or 928.351.SOLE (7653).

Solo Journey Experience SM| 2:1 ratio or 1:1 ratio (if adult-based and appropriate) | FY 2016-2017

  • $2,250 Enrollment & Admin Fee 1
  • $450 – $550/day Experience Fee 2
  • $475/day Family Transition Camp Experience 3
  • Incidental expenses as incurred 4

Expedition Journey Experience SM | 2:6 ratio | 3 participant minimum | FY 2017-2018

  • $2,250 Enrollment Fee 1
  • $375/day Experience Fee 2
  • $475/day Family Transition Camp Experience 3
  • Incidental expenses as incurred 4

Hybrid Journey Experience SM| 2:1 ratio or 1:1 ratio if adult-based and appropriate | FY 2016-2017

  • $2,250 Enrollment Fee 1
  • $550/day Experience Fee 2
  • $475/day Family Transition Camp Experience 3
  • Incidental expenses as incurred 4

Explanation of Fees:

Please refer to the number and related it to the appropriate expense above for specific information.

1 Enrollment Fee includes processing enrollment paperwork, securing additional documentation, consultation, clinical services (if appropriate) and design – up to 8 hours/2 field observations per 16-days.  Includes clinical and educational supervision, facilitation, and consultation with our Field Team and Dr. Joy Jansen. Additional hours available and will be billed out as an incidental.  See below.  Enrollment Fee also covers fees associated with food; personal and group gear; federal and state permits; transportation; insurance; satellite phone (up to 10 mins/day); documentation and other administrative/logistical support/needs.

2$375/day for Expedition Journey Experiences SM for (2) Field Instructors with (2) or more program participants or $450-$550/day for Solo Journey Experiences SM for (2) or (1) Field Instructor(s) with (1) program participant depending on course design and specific needs.

3Fee for up to 3 family members to attend Family Transition Camp Experience SM with a participant.  Includes facilitation of experiential activities.  Additional services can be provided on case-by-case basis and may require an additional fee (i.e., adventure-based activity).

4Includes miscellaneous consultation, assessment, medical, mental health, transportation, additional field days, additional restocking fees, etc.  All fees/rates will be contingent and based on actual need.  Field assessment and observation hours will be billed at a rate of $125/hour for Dr. Jansen.  Additional administrative hours will be billed at a rate of $40/hour.  Additional field days will be billed in accordance with the Daily Experience Fee.

Please note: if personal gear and clothing is provided by families it must be in good working condition and appropriate for field-related use. While we make every effort to accommodate Student(s) bringing their own personal equipment, it must meet the standard of care. SOLE Field Instructors will make this judgment call, and therefore, School/Participant/Family should expect to be charged an incidental fee as a condition.  If you need If School/Participant/Family decide to purchase student clothing and gear we recommend that it be purchased from a reputable vendor who offers outdoor clothing and gear which meets the standard of care. For more information please contact us at or 928.351.SOLE (7653).

Payment Terms & Conditions:

  • School/Participant/Family is expected to pay the 50% of the total Experience Fee no later than 60 days prior to Journey Experience starting date.  The remaining Experience Fee is due no later than 30 days prior to the Journey Experience start date.
  • If the School/Participant/Family requires immediate enrollment the full amount is required within 24 hours of enrollment.
  • If School/Participant/Family decides to extend Participant stay School/Participant/Family agrees to compensate SOLE for each additional day within 24 hours of the day service was provided for Participant or within other time determined from SOLE.
  • For any incidentals incurred during the intervention a formal final bill will be submitted along with Discharge Summary upon completion of intervention. For interventions 14 days or longer, SOLE may elect to finance the remaining balance (no more than 50% of program balance after Enrollment Fee) to those families who qualify for this services for a small finance fee (to be determined).
  • All unpaid balances are expected to be paid within 14 days of issue of invoice and will incur a finance charge equal to 2.5% of balance if not. This does not include any processing fees for online payments or other fees/charges associated with a running balance.

It should be noted, all course-related fees are deemed non-refundable once a Participant begins their Journey Experience. While we attempt to work with School/Participant/Family when unforeseen circumstances present themselves SOLE related expenses will be taken into consideration and School/Participant/Family will be expected to pay these expenses. School/Participant/Family may receive a partial reimbursement of initial course fees if Participant is discharged 2 or more weeks prior to Journey Experience start date. This fee will be determined, and be based on, SOLE related costs incurred prior to this time. If Participant absconds, School/Participant/Family will be responsible for SOLE related incidental expenses and those outside of SOLE’s scope of practice. This will continue until School/Participant/Family enter a new service agreement with transport services, program, or school .School/Participant/Family are expected to compensate SOLE for services rendered until new agreement has been delivered to SOLE representation. Once SOLE representation has received the new service agreement School/Participant/Family may be entitled to a reimbursement. Reimbursements will be subject to the point that SOLE last provided service and any incidental expenses accrued.

Additionally, it should be noted, that School/Participant/Family will be charged for all related expenses to consultation, intervention design, logistics, facilitation, and discharge paperwork regardless to length and/or duration of experience.   See explanations above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is your Journey Experience SM licensed and is that important?

Yes, and YES!  Our SOLE Journey Experience SM  program is licensed as an outdoor therapeutic program by the Montana Department of Labor and Industry (license number 29).  Licensing ensures that programs are meeting industry standards, to include the welfare of children in settings such as these.  When programs are not licensed there is no governing body looking over how they serve their clientele.

How do I know a Journey Experience SM would be a good fit for me or my child?

Unlike other “wilderness therapy” or “boot camp” programs SOLE Journey Experiences SM provide an empowering approach to addressing maladaptive behaviors or other needs in a non-punitive approach.  Through our intentional curriculum centered on the pillars of character and leadership; outdoor living and travel skills; as well as; environmental awareness and stewardship our participants experience a rich interdisciplinary curriculum which addresses issues in a real and tangible manner fostering unparalleled opportunity for personal and group ownership.  Therefore, participants are naturally placed in an empowering position where they need to critically think for themselves and their peers. This is underpinned through intentional facilitation and processing to include implementing teachable moments for continued growth.

When will I know that my child has been accepted into the program?

Our Admissions Team will be in contact within 48 hours regarding your registration.  Once all necessary documentation has been submitted and reviewed by our team we will make a determination prior to your Consultation Call.  It should be noted, our Admissions Team can not make a decision unless all necessary paperwork has be submitted.  If you are uncertain what to provide please contact us after completing your Enrollment Form and payment.

What does SOLE do to keep me / my child comfortable?

As mentioned previously, SOLE strives to educate participants how to care for themselves and peers in an outdoor setting.  This allows our participants to care for their personal or group-related needs when presented.  In addition our participants are supplied with food and equipment which reaches beyond industry norms to include the following:

Each season has unique weather conditions and our students are outfitted with gear and equipment appropriate for the conditions. Each item has been field-tested by our expert Field Instructors prior to being selected as standard issue for our participants.  During especially cold periods, accommodations will be made to ensure that participants needs are met.


We understand the financial challenges that come with getting the help you need, when you need it.  To help address this real need, we work with My Treatment Lender tooffer financing for our Journey Experience program.  They can provide your family the necessary funding when you need it most. Simply go to to begin your application process today.

Are you ready to register?

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  1. Click on the button below and select “Journey Experience Enrollment Fee”.
  2. Complete your personal, participant and payment information.
  3. Complete and submit your Enrollment Fee payment.
  4. Complete student paperwork/contract and fax/email to us.
  5. Set up transportation and accommodations for the program (if necessary).
  6. Gather relevant educational assessments, counseling documentation, and psychological evaluations.
  7. Fax all documents in #4 and #5 to us.
  8. Complete final payment arrangements.
  9. Review personal clothing and gear list and complete.
  10. Pack and head out!

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