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What We Do

What We Do

SOLE has (5) distinct experiential education programs called “SOLE Experiences”.  From day-based school programs to multi-day summer programs, SOLE has a program for you and yours!  Click on the accordion tabs below to learn more about each of our program offerings.

what we do 2Transform into a budding scientist! This day-based/multi-day interdisciplinary and place-based education SOLE Experience SM is geared towards K – 12 public, private, homeschool groups.  We facilitate programs in our wildlands allowing participants to develop a sound sense of place while meeting specific program learning objectives in a novel manner.  If you’re an educator looking to take your students beyond classroom walls – this program is for you!

DCIM100SPORTTransform into a leader!  Typically offered in the summer or “shoulder seasons”, this day-based/multi-day outdoor leadership and service-learning SOLE Experience SM is perfect for youth 11 – 17 years old.  In addition to learning cool outdoor and leadership skills, participants are involved in place-based service projects, a cornerstone of our novel LEAD SM curriculum.  If you’re a parent or educator looking to provide something beyond the norm – this program is for you!

Transform your dynamic!  This SOLE Experience SM is intentionally designed for groups, schools, families, businesses, and corporations to target specific goals and objectives.  Whether you are interested in increasing work productivity, working on team cohesion, or addressing group dynamics in the school, on the team, in the office, or the family unit – this program is for you!  

DSCN0357Transform your outdoor skills to the next level! This SOLE Experience SM is geared towards outdoor enthusiasts, search and rescue volunteers, backcountry leaders, organization volunteers, or traditional educators looking for a novel outing that includes high-end training or specific certifications to develop and hone their outdoor skills.  Whether you are looking for a guided experience or outdoor certification program – this program is for you!

SOLE’s fully licensed adventure therapy program for adolescents and adults.  This transformational SOLE Experience SM provides a unique opportunity to develop personal character and leadership skills in an empowering manner, in a novel setting, through an actual backcountry expedition.  In addition to other positive outcomes credit recovery is also available for those individuals in need.  If you or a loved one is need of a paradigm shift – this program is for you!

Didn’t quite find what you are looking for?  No sweat!  SOLE’s administrators have ample experience in helping you navigate the daunting task of designing your very own SOLE Experience SM.  In addition, our administrators are ready and willing to even serve as consultants to help you develop your very own experiential education program in-house!  Whether you want us to come to you or you want to go out with us, we can meet you goals and objectives from start to finish, so contact us to get started today!

It is important to note: all SOLE Experiences SM begin with a FREE consultation ensuring that our stakeholders receive an individualized experiential program which meets your goals and objectives.  Once participants are on course SOLE personnel and to facilitate programming in a novel and intentional manner.  As mentioned above, all organization curriculum, methods, and practices are grounded on evidence-based research fostering the ability to establish and maintain a positive learning environment, and generalize learning beyond the SOLE Experience SM.

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