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About Us

About Us

You might say experiential and outdoor education is in our DNA. We believe in its purpose and power.  When youth are immersed in a natural learning environment with intentional design and active facilitation they are able to explore the educational setting and produce phenomenal outcomes.  Grounded on excellence and purposeful direction, SOLE provides our participants with cutting edge experiential programs which reach beyond industry norms.  With more than 100 years of combined experience designing and facilitating experiential and outdoor education programming for the leading institutions throughout the United States on thing is for certain – when you choose SOLE you are provided the opportunity to explore > achieve > lead!

Who We Are

Every great nonprofit has a dedicated board of directors, administrators, staff, and volunteers - all who ensure the future success of the organization's mission.  Our team includes professionals from the community and region, all with the common mindset to help our leaders of tomorrow.  Click on the button below to learn more about our phenomenal team!

What We Do

SOLE's team of professionals design and facilitate intentional and transformational experiential and outdoor education programs for various stakeholders throughout the year. From urban-based school programs to multi-day expediton programs in remote wildlands and waterways in the Western United States we believe that everyone can benefit from a SOLE Experience. Click on the button below to learn more about our program offerings!

How We Do It

SOLE utilizes industry-specific, evidence-based best practices and methods to develop and facilitate all experiential programs. In addition, SOLE strives to integrate feedback to improve programs for stakeholder needs. At each step-of-the-way SOLE ensures that our programs are intentional.