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LEAD Experiences

LEAD Experiences

Transform into a leader!  As SOLE’s outdoor leadership program for participants 10 – 17 years old, LEAD Experiences SM provides the foundation and framework to comprehend and practically apply leadership in a fun, engaging, and digestible manner.  During the course of 5 – 7 days participants are exposed to our novel LEAD SM curriculum to address program learning objectives related to (L)eadership; (E)nvironmental (A)wareness; as well as; social and emotional (D)evelopment.   

From exploring group dynamics on a ropes course to developing outdoor skills on an expedition LEAD experiential activities keep participants actively engage while empowering them to take ownership of their experience.  Due to the intentional design and structure, individuals and schools are even able to take advantage of this transformational educational experience beyond classroom walls to earn actual credit!  Executed with well-equipped and professional Field Instructors in urban and remote backcountry environments, participants experience something that reaches beyond the norm that allows them to truly explore > achieve > lead!

“This experience gave me a new sense of confidence and realization of what is actually possible!”


SOLE LEAD Experiences SM, are typically offered during the summer months although can be tailored for homeschool groups, public schools, private schools, and residential boarding schools during the school year.  Each LEAD Experience SM is tailored towards those interested in an intentional program-design which addresses the LEADSM curriculum cornerstones mentioned above, in our local and regional watersheds where motivated participants are able to experience the culture and relationships which exists.  Participants will work in tandem with their peers to accomplish expedition goals, providing additional opportunities to practically apply what they are learning.  Because of this well-rounded design, we believe that everyone can benefit from a LEAD Experience SM, especially during these formative years, so we strive to provide partial scholarships to those that qualify.

SOLE LEAD Experience SM Learning Targets:

Typical learning targets addressed during expeditions include addressing:

  • Outdoor living & travel skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Environmental awareness & stewardship
  • Conservation & wildland management issues
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Executive functioning development
  • Critical-thinking & problem-solving
  • Communication & conflict resolution
  • Setting & accomplishing goals
  • Awareness & ownership
  • Responsibility & accountability
SOLE LEAD Experience SM Participant Profile:

Typical profile participants include pre-teens or adolescents who:

  • Exhibit interest in learning about outdoor living and travel skills
  • Exhibit interest in learning more about backcountry travel
  • Exhibit interest in making a difference for their community
  • Exhibit interest in learning about systems which exist in the natural world
  • Exhibit interest in learning about local conservation issues
  • Exhibit interest in supporting our local conservation needs

Our typical profile students also generally have the ability and desire to process and connect through an experiential learning framework, exhibit individual creativity and intellect, explore their role and responsibilities as an individual and as a member of a community and its environment while exploring concepts and skills related to leadership.

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