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Development Experiences

Development Experiences


Transform your corporate group, sports team, youth group or family unit into a well-oiled machine with a SOLE Development Experience SM ! This experiential program serves as a dynamic catalyst for corporate groups, sports teams, organizations, schools, youth groups, agencies, and even families looking for noteworthy outcomes.  Whether you are looking to increase work productivity, build team cohesion, or address dynamics within the family unit, SOLE Development Experiences SM provide the tools to get the job done.  True to our nature, SOLE professionally customizes each experiential program  to account for specific goals, objectives, supported with concrete and deliverable actions.


With SOLE’s professional facilitators at the helm, each Development Experience SM program is intentionally designed and facilitated for you and/or your clients on or off site.  This provides the unique opportunity to bring our experiential programming to your door step!  SOLE offers several program options to fit every budget foster the opportunity to provide meaningful programming for you and your stakeholders at an affordable rate.  SOLE personnel work with your team, from start to finish, to custom-tailor the program design to meet individual and group related needs.

Each Development Experience SM begins with a FREE consultation to ensure specific goal and objectives are identified. Coupled with our Hand of Support SM design process clients can rest assured that programming will address these identified learning targets yielding sound outcomes.  Not sure what to target?  Simply ask our team, we have the experience and professional touch to build a Development Experience SM which reaches beyond industry norms.

SOLE Development Experience SM Learning Targets:

Typical learning targets addressed on these SOLE Experiences SM relate to:

  • SOLE 4 Cares SM
  • SOLE’s LEAD SM Curriculum
  • Experiential Education
  • Outdoor Leadership
  • Character Development
  • Personal and Social Development
  • Trait Leadership Theory v/s Situational Leadership Theory
  • Executive Functioning Development
  • Resilience & Flexibility
  • Critical-thinking & Problem-Solving
  • Communication & Conflict Resolution
  • Setting & Accomplishing Goals
  • Awareness & Ownership
  • Responsibility & Accountability

SOLE Development Experience SM Participant Profile:

Typical profile participants include corporations, businesses, sports teams, groups or families that:

  • Exhibit interest in experiential or outdoor education to acheive their goals
  • Exhibit interest in learning and/or developing effective and efficient leadership skills
  • Exhibit interest in identifying and addressing ineffective roles/patterns
  • Exhibit interest in identifying and supporting effective roles/patterns

Our typical program participant also generally has the ability and desire to process and connect through an experiential learning framework, willingness to explore their role and responsibilities as an individual and/or within the structure of a group / school / family / community while exploring concepts and skills related to leadership.


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