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Schooling That Shifts the Education Paradigm

We empower youth to explore, achieve, and lead outdoors."

Looking for a novel educational setting that allows middle and high school students to reach beyond classroom walls to truly explore > achieve > lead?  

SOLE’s Founder and Executive Director, Dennison Webb, M.A. recently teamed up with long term alternative education pioneer and Ret. Lt. Col. Army Ranger, George Lowery to create  SOLE Academy SM, an Experiential Learning Center (ELC) for middle and high school students that offers fully accredited academic coursework!

Like most traditional public and private institutions, SOLE Academy SM will work on a traditional school calendar, as well as, during summer months, and for blocks of time (i.e., during SOLE’s current backcountry expeditions).  In addition, to the intentional experiential design faculty members are provided a more flexible schedule to immerse students in novel learning settings where they are able to experience dynamic experiential curricula on a more consistent basis which prepares them for the 21st Century and beyond!

More specifically, SOLE Academy SM curricula includes on-campus experiential activities, blending eLearning opportunities, and learning expeditions which include “bookend” backcountry expeditions that occur at the beginning and end of each school year and weekly Fieldwork Experiences SM.  Due to the evidence-based methods throughout the course of each day students are able to experience a rigorous and rich experiential curricula that truly addresses and develops the whole learner, as opposed to just their academic needs.

SOLE Academy SM utilizes a connected-thought educational philosophy underpinned by a dynamic experiential framework that utilizes evidence-based best practices.  This novel approach to teaching and learning provides a journey which shifts the education paradigm for both teacher and student alike.

SOLE Academy SM offers a complete catalogue of fully accredited AdvancEd coursework through our partner AIOA. In addition, to the traditional academic catalogue one might find in the traditional public / private school, SOLE Academy SM offers parents and students hybrid coursework which highlights the strengths of SOLE’s experiential education programming, including our summer expedition-based opportunities – some of which now provide the opportunity to obtain several academic credits through the course of the expedition!  

Due to our intentional program design and approach SOLE Academy SM is the ideal learning environment for youth and young adults in homeschool settings, those which struggle with traditional academic settings, those with the desire to learn at their own pace, those in need of credit recovery, or simply parents and/or students looking for a personal and intentional approach to education that blends and extends learning beyond traditional classroom walls.

True to our nature, SOLE Academy SM is supported by individuals who possess advance degrees and over 30 years experience in the education and outdoor education fields.  This ensures that students have the necessary support to address their individualized needs start to finish.

For more information on SOLE Academy SM please go here.  

SOLE Academy SM is currently enrolling for the 2015-2016 school year and is only accepting a limited number of students.  If you are ready to register go here or contact us today to receive more information.




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