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SOLE’s Newest Arrival

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Welcome to the first installment of K-Bear’s Korner! This blog is a way for me, Leslie Kiebert, to share my internship with SOLE. To begin, how about a little bit about me?

I was born and raised here in the Panhandle of Idaho. Being a North Idaho resident brings forth so many outdoor activities and ways to recreate, so it is only fitting that I would choose to study Recreation at the University of Idaho when the time came. With my background in hiking, hunting, and enjoying the outdoors, it seemed like the perfect avenue to expand my skill-set and learn a bit more about what I loved so much. 

Before the college chapter of my life began, I was able to participate in SOLE’s programs as a senior in high school. It was thrilling to enjoy the outdoors during a school day and I felt how awesome it was to learn in the outdoor education setting. After participating in SOLE’s programs for the duration of my senior year at Clark Fork Jr/Sr High School, I decided that I wanted to work for SOLE at some point in my life. Once choosing my degree path, I also learned that I had to complete an internship in order to graduate. I am currently fulfilling my goal to work with SOLE during my internship, which is a great feeling!

The first few weeks of my internship have been full of learning. I had gone through SOLE’s SnowSchool Experience program back in high school, but now I was learning how to teach the experience. With my college coursework in outdoor leadership and outdoor education, my teaching is coming along swell thanks to ample opportunity to teach as well as give and receive feedback. After all, there is always room for improvement, and as such I am excited to improve my snow science and teaching skills.

Lead more about SOLE’s award-winning and nationally-recognized SnowSchool Experience program by going here.

Leslie Kiebert

SOLE Intern | Field Instructor



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