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2015 Summer Programming Update!

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campfireWe don’t normally send out seasonal programming updates, however, our summer 2015 season has been met with a tremendous drought sparking wildfires across our local and regional course areas. While SOLE continues to work diligently to run all courses on schedule in specific locales, modifications and even cancellations have been made to mitigate this backcountry risk.  We have made these hard decisions based on the hard evidence which exists ‘out there’, which were recently supported by recommendations presented by local United States Forest Service (USFS) districts.  These decisions will ensure that our clientele’s safety needs continue to be paramount, as well as, support local and regional land management agencies which active fire suppression efforts.   If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.13.18 PM

More specifically, as shown in the image above we have several wildfires in our course area(s) including the 6,147 acre Parker Ridge fire (in the Selkirk Mountains due North of Sandpoint, Idaho) and the Clark Fork Complex which includes the 2,143 acre Scotchman Peak fire (in the Cabinet Mountains due East of Sandpoint, Idaho), and the 576 acre Whitetail Peak fire. Also, we have numerous “hotspots” which are being currently tracked.  Many of these wildfires were sparked by lightning as summer thunderstorms rubbled through over the last few weeks and months.  For the most up to date information on local wildfires, including evacuations, road closures, and community meetings go to InciWeb.

The SOLE family extends our sincere gratitude to those on the front lines and those affected.  

There is no doubt about it our current fire danger is extreme, so if you are planning to venture into the backcountry please exercise caution.  Also, please contact you local Forest Service or other land management agency to get the most up to date information prior to heading out. These agencies can give you all pertinent information including current and active wildfires, and specific closures.  

Lastly, when recreating please minimize your impact by using outdoor skills and ethics supported by SOLE and our partners at the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Skills and Ethics.  If you are interested in learning more please consider signing up for a Leave No Trace course.  SOLE is currently offering a course on September 25th for National Public Lands Day.   All proceeds collected will go to support SOLE’s Youth Scholarship Fund.  Go to the SOLE Calendar to view a complete listing of all upcoming course offerings.

Stay safe and happy trails,DennisonTeaching
Dennison Webb, M.A.
Founder | Executive Director



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